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Halal Monk

From 2006 onwards, Jonas Yunus Atlas found himself on an unexpected 'journey' through the culture and religion of islam. By 2010 it brought about the Halal Monk project: a series of conversations with scholars, activists and artists from the Muslim world.

His three year long journey as a Halal monk had two aims: to be a concrete project of sincere interreligious dialogue and to seek for ways out of the cultural and religious impasse our world seems to be creating. 

Within efforts of interreligious dialogue the more difficult questions are often circumvented by superficials talks in which the different parties respectfully listen but seldom truly engage. The Halal Monk project therefore wanted to revive the tradition of true interreligious debate and discussion like it used to be held between wandering monks, travelling artists and journeying preachers. It did not do so for the sake of the argument but because of the hope that such deeper debate might lead to unexpected solutions for the problems this world is facing.

Re-visioning Religion

Re-visioning religion will is a series of articles by Jonas Yunus Atlas, which delve deeper into the many misunderstandings surrounding the concept of religion, spirituality and mysticism. These articles are gathered in a Medium Magazine.

The articles will address widespread assumptions on religion which are in urgent need of correction: the idea that religion is more dangerous than other 'secular' ideologies; the idea that the distinction between 'the secular' and 'the religious' makes it possible to describe the world in a meaningful way; the idea that there's a tension between 'faith' and 'science'; the idea that religions are structured through powerful insitutions; the idea that religions can be clearly defined through 'convictions' (dogma's) and 'sets of rules'; the idea that religions are clearly definable; the idea that mysticism/spirituality and religion form opposites.

As the Re-visioning Religion magazine publishes more and more articles it will become clear that all these assumptions cannot be maintained and that they inhibit many people from truly understanding the reality of what is called 'religion'.

Thoughts of Gandhi

Every Monday a new thought of Gandhi is distributed to offer people a short moment of inspiration.

We created this site quite simply because we believe the life and thoughts of Mahatma Gandhi are as inspiring and relevant today as they ever were. We thought people might like to read a quote of Gandhi at the start of the week and ponder about it for a while. If people subscribe to our Thoughts of Gandhi mailing list, their email address will therefore certainly not be shared with other people and they can always unsubscribe whenever they want.