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For three years, the Christian theologian Jonas Yunus Atlas had openhearted conversations with influential spiritual figures and important artists from the Islamic world. He combined his academic background in philosophy, anthropology and theology with his experience in activism, blogging and writing, bringing about a series of fascinating dialogues on all sorts of topics at the intersection of culture, society and religion. With this 'Halal Monk' journey, Jonas wanted to acquaint himself with the soul of Islam. The book brings together his most important conversations. In between those conversations, some extra light is shed on key concepts of the Islamic tradition and their relevance for the current debates.

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This little gem beautifully elucidates the flow of our mind, heart and soul during meditation and prayer. It explains how we can guide our inner being to moments of spiritual contemplation. In a concise and poetic language, Jonas Yunus Atlas clarifies the core aspects of meditation and prayer. He does not discuss their outer forms or technical aspects, but reveals their mental forms and deeper spirit. And, while doing so, he reframes our relationship with the divine. Many meditation books focus on bodily exercises and physical postures that are needed to open distinct energy channels. The verses in this book, however, describe the different 'spiritual postures' that open the 'channels of the soul' between ourselves and God.

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